Christmas letter 2018

Who would have foreseen this during the summer of 2005, when the idea of a different company took shape in the corridors at Floragatan 13?

Almedalen: Bank of the future

Peter gives a lecture for Nordea in Almedalen and also participates in a panel discussion. Quattroporte has performed a sizeable study for Nordea on young peoples view of economy, financial services and the attractive bank of the future. The report The bank of the...

Almedalen ’85

Almedalen den 3 juli 1985 Palmes last speech Pernilla Wahlgren runs out on stage in a track suit sporting a fluffy eighties hairdo. Two strutting dancers are working hard on raising the mood. The bands guitarist is quite good and I’m impressed by how he plays...

Venice biennale 2018

  Freespace This years Venice biennale offers up architecture. The theme Freespace is about how architecture can create generous environments and places that, according to the two curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, are an integral part of a good...

Milano Design Week 2018

  Many of my strongest experiences have taken place in Milan. Travelling in a taxi with open windows in July being embraced by the warm night air. The fire writing at Porta Romana informed me that the temperature was 31 degrees Celsius outside. I felt...

H&M the new Ericsson?

  One year ago, Quattroporte performed a Big Data analysis of H&M's stock price in relation to Inditex/Zara. We then realized that there were completely different driving forces being behind this one, than those usually indicated when stock slumps. H&M...

Divisive religious values

Do you believe in God? Regardless of whether you do or not, your values are influenced by religious values whether you like it or not. If you are a believer, an agnostic or an atheist does not matter. It is Christmas and it is said that 2000 years ago a boy was born...

Feminine Revolution

A recent big-data study of mega trends clearly shows that Feminine Revolution together with digitisation, will be one of the most important trends over the coming 5-10 years.

Album release party

With his debut album Songs n’ Secret Places Peter Majanen shows that it is never too late to fulfill your dream.

Milan fair 2016

After visiting The Milan fair for the past 14 years it has become increasingly clear.