Strategic communication

Think small, The brag mobile and Sensible people

. Three classic examples of automotive communication – Think small (The beetle), The brag mobile (Renault 16), Sensible people (Skoda) – that in a creative way fulfill the expectations of the target group.

Strategic communication boils down to making someone act a certain way. By creating communication based on trends, knowledge of the target demographic and a creative touch we are able to create effective communication that will strengthen your organization in the long run. Good communication should leave you with a strong emotional response and an internal image. Quattroporte works with brand strategy, communication concepts, community communication and crisis communication. We believe in and work with communication based on insight for its ability to change behaviour in the long run.

Advice on communication and formulating your message – FRONT:

Formulating a message to meet the expectations of a multitude of different players (media, clients, stock holders etc) in an environment subject to exponential change. With Quattroporte communication leaves concrete, measureable changes in behaviour.

Crisis communication – COUNTER:

Handling communication successfully in the face of an unexpected crisis can limit the damages and sometimes strengthen the organization for the future.

Brand strategy – MARC, MEMPHIS:

Developing a brand platform that is adapted to meet the needs of the target demographic and face coming trends. Positioning and naming the brand. Anything you may need to increase sales, membership or induce behavioural change.

Marketplace communication – POST-AD-PR:

Increasing your sales through communication. We create the most efficient communication. This is often the communication that illicit the strongest emotional response in your most important target demographic. We believe in PR, advertising, the web, TV and print but even more in the insights that provide the best selling concepts.


Quattroporte offers strategic guidance in communication, for example crisis management, media training, Q&As, rhetoric and public speaking. We often work with executives, management teams and boards.

For further information on Strategic communication contact  Richard Sjöberg, mobile: +46 702-685 113