Do we need brands?

From a day to another; who would really miss a squashbuckling brand of gambling? Or another brand of creamy youghurt or another brand of the-most-climate-friendly power company? Probably no one at all.

What makes Gucci great?

What do you think represents beauty in the future? Gucci’s CD, Alessandro Michele, is providing something new with great value and astonishing reach in terms of originality. Time and again the brand has insightfully captured the societal spirit.

The return of beauty

Great shifts and crises create space for change, for new thoughts, ideologies, values and new aesthetics. What was regarded as attractive in design, architecture and fashion a mere decade ago becomes nigh despised in this shift. The change is swift.

What to do with the city when no one wants it?

200 years of urban development seemed a primal force and natural law as reliable as gravity. There will always come a day when Mega trends weaken and become questioned. It is a quick, surprising development. It has now happened. What will become of the growing city?

On Creativity

Are you creative? Probably not. True creativity is rare, most surveys of creativity show this, but that is not something you need to lament. Yesterday I met one of the people behind Justin Bieber. A cog in the great machinery that makes everything function for a...

Capitalism and the wicked problems – part II

Once upon a time nature was animate. It consisted of creatures (spirits, gnomes, trolls), and we still refer to our need to ”listen to”, ”talk to” or in fact ”understand” nature. When inventions like the telescope and the microscope allowed us to see things we had never seen before this nature was de-personalised. And now having a conversation with nature seemed less important – now it was all about measuring and weighing it. This was the origin of what we know as science today.

Capitalism and the wicked problems

Det låter som en sagotitel, men texten är en reflektion som utgår från observationen att det kapitalistiska systemet för första gången är det dominerande ekonomiska systemet, globalt. Vad innebär det ansvaret, inte minst för kapitalismens kanske främsta institution: ägandet?

The Venice Biennale 2019

The worlds oldest art biennale takes place in a city that is hard not to love. Despite gigantic cruise ships that regularly rape the green lagoon with erect steel hulls and harmful swells in their wake.

Ronald Jones 8/7 1952 – 9/8 2019

As mentioned earlier our dear friend and colleague Ronald Jones has passed away after a time of illness. It makes me, among other things, think about the adage that states that no people are irreplaceable. I really don’t believe this. My friend Ronald will never be...

The Death of the City

Fiat 500 is a very nice car that warms the heart of those of us who are nostalgic towards autos. Sprung from a time when we were anticipating an apparent eternal growth and just starting a long journey of development. There were no limits. Everything was simple. As simple as building a shopping mall or a city centre is today.

Which is the GAL-iest country in Europe?

We have in previous articles concluded that data does not support the notion that Europe is not undergoing a right wing nationalist wave as some claim. In truth, values are moving slowly toward the more liberal end. So why are we daily being fed the opposite notion?

The party is over!

The grandest exhibitions, like the one that encompassed the university grounds that we saw just a couple of years ago, had now shrunk, bartered down and strongly simplified.