A trend is a process of change that stimulates societal or product development, and that in some cases even results in new innovations.

Quattroporte has developed our own method based on value research that enables us to safely predict the future with the aid of the thorough trend development work we conduct in different ways on a daily basis. For example, qualitative and quantitative research, statistical analysis, seminars, as well as travels to various trend hubs around the worlds.

We welcome you to come catch a glimpse of the future with us!

Trend travels

Since a few years back, Quattroporte travels. On a yearly and recurring basis, with or without clients, to many places around the world where we see the future represented.

Trend courses

Quattroporte offers an executive education where we teach trend analysis and business intelligence in Sweden and other countries.

Trend seminars

Quattroporte works with trend research, and each year we conduct a number of studies to stay abreast and stay one step ahead.

Trend panel

To stay up to date with current and upcoming trends Quattroporte has created its own web panel. This “trend panel” as we like to call it consists of almost five thousand individuals, the majority of which are between the ages of 15 and 50.

Trend laboratory

In our mobile trend laboratory we conduct analogue experiments where we convert the thoughts and theories we encounter in our daily work.