Our methods

Why do we need methods?

Quattroporte is in the business of discovering trends and using that insight to develop successful concepts and effective communication. Being first is difficult. It takes a great amount of talent to handle cryptic indicators and convert them into data that is of strategic use and benefit to our clients.

To succeed we rely on a deep and detailed knowledge of the methods and theories of many different scientific disciplines. The methods we choose describe the course of action of our projects which increases our opportunity to evaluate, enhance quality and traceability.

Is there any room for free thought?

Creativity, intuition and a strategic sense is invaluable when preparing advice for our customers. The methods provide a firm foundation and allow us the courage to take our ideas a step further.

The people behind the methods

The co-workers of Quattroporte possess experience and expertise in several different fields, as well as a general grasp of other subject matters. Within the organization there is a depth of knowledge in the fields of sociology, social science, communication, journalism, statistics, text mining, politics, literature, film, PR, fashion and design. Our combined knowledge in all of these different fields make it possible for us to find unexpected solutions to the most complex problems, both humanistic and esthetic as well as mathematic and logical.