Some of our cases. 

Township of the Future

Year: 2020/21

In its pursuit to become the most attractive archipelagic municipality in the region, the one that most people would choose to move to or live and work in, municipality XX in the Stockholm Region has decided to develop X-town on 40 hectares of land adjacent to the sea and population centres. The project is long-term, toward year 2040/50, and includes 4 – 5000 residences with med ancillary municipal services and striving toward a set vision. Quattroporte was entrusted with performing the projects exhaustive environmental analysis. The purpose of the environmental analysis was to function as a guiding document in the zoning plan work of X-town, describing possible trends reaching thirty years into the future and correlating to city planning and sustainable living. The environmental analysis was also meant to act as a starting point for the upcoming verification process during zoning work and construction. After the projects conclusion two consultants from the project functioned as expert counsel to the city planners. The end goal of the study was to generate deeper knowledge regarding uncertain issues connected to this and similar projects.

Design collections and aesthetic expressions of the future

Year: 2019-21

Quattroporte were tasked with evaluating international design collections for a very large design company. The purpose was both to evaluate and develop existing collections to better face the consumer of the future, as well as identifying new trends and trend setters in music, contemporary art, design and architecture. To find the creative talents who will be setting the agenda onward to 2025. Part of the analysis concerned research into developing trends in the aesthetics of the future. What will the consumers of the future find attractive in the midst of the bewildering world that surrounds them? The results were used as the foundation for prioritizing and developing new design lines. Several of these have become the clients most successful ever.

Communication guidance for Region Stockholm during the covid-19 pandemic

Year: 2020 –

Assisted Region Stockholm during the entirety of the covid-19 pandemic with communication guidance. From the first indications of contagion in Wuhan to communication efforts to guide inhabitants on the best way to limit spread of disease and how to act in testing or vaccination situations. Given the rampage of the disease and its mutability and the resulting rapidly changing guiding recommendations of the national authorities this has been a hectic work spanning the past two plus years.Apart from strategic direction the work has also included operational with counselling, media training and production of written materials. From March 2020 great efforts have been made, together with our cooperative partner KAPI, to inform inhabitants in socio-economically weak areas focusing on those from other cultures and who generally have a native tongue other than Swedish.


Year: 2017

Together with one of the worlds leading consumer brands in beverages we developed a growth strategy for the coming 5 years.
Based on our Big data system Q-Ball the most powerful drivers of future developments could be identified.
Revealing clear consequences for business, innovation and communication. Goals and strategies were formulated for a growth of 5 percent per annum.

ICA 2040 and 00-ists

Year: 2017

With ICA’s 100-year anniversary coming up in 2017, Quattroporte were hired by ICA to perform an analysis of the food and culinary encounters of the future. We began with a number of hypotheses about the future and falsified many of them with the help of 00-ists. In the year 2040 food and the meal are a lot more important than we initially thought. Concept dialogues and Big data indicated new trends and needs. Dreams of the forties, a decade still both close yet far away were both clear and surprising. The study resulted in a movie and a report that garnered a lot of attention.

Digital strategy

Year: 2017

Quattroporte has developed a strategy for digital communication for a very large Swedish public institution. How can communication be steered and planned in an environment where traditional models of communication and management are no longer relevant? A strategy where the relationship between traditional and digital media was honed to handle the new situation. The strategy was based on interviews with researchers and citizens as well as official guidance documents and a big data analysis using the Q-Ball system.

Umami – borough of the future

Year: 2016

What does an attractive borough of the future look like? It holds the opportunity for differences and qualities, without becoming bland, minimalistic or elitistically post-modern.
In Hallonbergen 1200 new apartments are to be built. What does the area require to become special and appeal to a demanding demographic?
Quattroporte developed a concept and a clear vision for Wallenstam. Strategies for communication were also developed. It became clear that the new concept had great appeal and economic potential.

Lernia Education and Employment of the future

Year: 2014

What kind of employment and career does the youth of the future dream of? And why do some people feel like Losers. In a large quantitative and qualitative trend study we could see a new generation with big dreams for the future. Often society failed to meet their expectations. There was a large group of young men who had already given up. The study became the basis for formulating a vision in Lernia.

Strategic communication

Uppgift: Create a communication concept for an upcoming campaign aimed at HPV-vaccination in Stockholm County
Uppdragsgivare: S The regional government of Stockholm
År: 2013

Quattroporte performed target group analysis and communication strategy work that resulted in the new and emotional communication concept for HPV-vaccination in Stockholm County. The target group, young women aged 22-26 were involved in the creation of a concept based on very strong emotions where individuals who had themselves been affected were the messengers. Happy Li designed the campaign that was visible in the subway and on buses during the spring of 2013

The future image of Sweden

Objective: To work together with the client to develop an image of Sweden that will attract talent, capital and visitors.
Client: Visit Sweden
Years: 2010-2011

Quattroporte was part of the strategic effort to develop the image of Sweden. In this effort we identified the central trends that will impact Sweden, conducted an international segmentation study and participated in the development of the communication strategy. In the segmentation study the Avantgardists were identified as the most interesting group of the future in Sweden.

Varumärket Sverige

Hunch analysis

Objective: Scientific review, probability analysis of the future development of technology to identify intuition and premonitions (hunches).
Client: Vinnova
Year: 2010

Quattroporte together with the world renowned designer Reed Kram and leading scientist prof. Ronald Jones investigated the possibility of creating a system to identify hunches. Research has shown that some people are more likely to act correctly in critical situations. For example firemen have been able to anticipate catastrophes before they happen. Creating a means of detecting and communicating these premonitions would have substantial value. Unfortunately the results of the study are confidential.

Security of the future

Objective: Develop the security solutions of the future for the professional market.
Years: 2005-2010

Quattroporte has on several occasions identified trends that will influence the security business during the next 3 to 5 years. Together with ASSA ABLOY we have worked with the development of the security solutions of the future, for example the electro mechanical “Aperio” lock.

Assa Abloy Aperio Online Access Management

Design of the future

Objective: To work together with the leading universities in the world in the development of the design process and it’s applications.
Clients: Stanford, Konstfack, Imperial College among others
Yeras: 2009-

Quattroporte has worked to identify the most important trends that will influence design over the next five years. A book on the topic will be published in cooperation with leading scientific institutions in the field.

Attendees and agenda (PDF)
Institute of Design at Stanford


Objective: To create an offer for the tourism organization of the future.
Client: STF
Year: 2009

STF is striving to increase their membership with 200 000 new members over the next 10 years. In order to succeed the organization needs to create a new concept, renewing the organizations image. Quattroporte performed both a qualitative and a quantitative study, interviewing 4562 members in Sweden as well as 300 employees within the organization – from hosts to the management team.

Framtidens trender STF (PDF)

Bromma Blocks

Objective: To create attractive shopping for the consumers of the future.
Client: KF-fastigheter
Years: 2005-2006

Quattroporte conducted a target group analysis and identified the consumer trends most likely to influence the development of the marketplace. Economic assessments were created for different scenarios. The concept was developed together with the most interesting target groups, taking into account aspects like positioning, design and brands. We were later involved with the development of infrastructure solutions for Bromma Blocks. The first leg of the build, H3, was completed in 2009. In 2011 Retail Award named Bromma Blocks the best mall in Sweden.

Om Bromma Blocks