Viva Arte Viva!

Quattroporte is a strategy agency that works with trend research, concept development, strategic communication and evaluation to create clear, multi faceted and valuable images of the marketplace and society of the future.

Trend research

We have developed our own method based on value research that enables us to safely predict the future. Read more

Concept development

Quattroporte develops the concepts of the future in cooperation with the consumers of the future. Read more

Strategic communication

We believe in and work with communication based on insight for its ability to change behaviour in the long run. Read more


A Big Data system based primarily on interdisciplinary methodology with entirely unique algorithms. Read more


Ronald Jones 8/7 1952 – 9/8 2019

As mentioned earlier our dear friend and colleague Ronald Jones has passed away after a time of illness. It makes me, among other things, think about the adage that states that no people are irreplaceable. I really don’t believe this. My friend Ronald will never be...

The Feminine Revolution

Feminine Revolution Sweden’s Greta Thunberg is leading a younger generation’s protest against their elders inability to make headway against global warming. She fights for us all, and has made young people, in 36 countries, rally to her cause. What’s emerging is a...

Almedalen ’85

Almedalen den 3 juli 1985 Palmes last speech Pernilla Wahlgren runs out on stage in a track suit sporting a fluffy eighties hairdo. Two strutting dancers are working hard on raising the mood. The bands guitarist is quite good and I’m impressed by how he plays...

Lectures on the future

At Quattroporte we like to share our unique values-based insights and our broad knowledge of the future. Since we have studied the views and behaviour of many, many people throughout several decades, quantitatively and qualitatively, we dare to say that our studies on the future have a very special substance. 


Christmas letter 2018

Who would have foreseen this during the summer of 2005, when the idea of a different company took shape in the corridors at Floragatan 13?


A trend is a process of change that stimulates societal or product development, and that in some cases even results in new innovations.


Q-Ball is a Big Data system developed by Quattroporte. The system is based primarily on interdisciplinary methodology with entirely unique algorithms.

På julafton kallades patrull till en äldre kvinna som uttryckt livsleda. Väl på plats visade det sig mer handla om ensamhet, det fanns inga anhöriga. Patrullen hade tid över, så de ställde in hennes digitalbox så hon fick på tv:n. Hjälpte henne att komma igång och laga lite mat.

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