Quattroporte Waytee* – the future of crisis management

Hundreds of crises later…

During the years Quattroporte has worked with hundreds of crises and through this has gained a unique insight into the mechanisms of crises. We have faced the biggest crises in Sweden standing shoulder to shoulder with our employers during the past 15 years. Some of these you have never heard of since we discovered and stopped many potential crises before they grew strong.

…we know how your image can be protected…

Using effective crisis management we can minimise the damage your company’s image risks receiving. In some cases an organisation can emerge from an ordeal like this strengthened. We have a team of very experienced people who have worked with crisis management since the early nineties.

…using the future of crisis management

In addition to the craftmanship of good crisis management that Quattroporte Waytee offers, it also provides the opportunity to use Big data and AI to optimize communication and handling of crises. You can track developments, day by day, hour by hour. Is the strategy working? Will it work? We know.

Quattroporte Waytee offers next generation crisis management = craftmanship + experience + AI. Get in touch if you want to find out more.

* Waytee is an anglicized spelling of the Chinese word for crisis.


For additional information, please contact:Richard Sjöberg , e-post: peter.majanen@quattroporte.se, mobil: 0702-685113