The years pass more quickly as time goes by and almost before we have closed the books on our twelfth year it’s time to start counting down our thirteenth. Who would have foreseen this during the summer of 2005, when the idea of a different company took shape in the corridors at Floragatan 13? Things have gone well. Every year bar one, when a partner decided to renege on the payment of a couple of sizeable invoices. It stung, but we came back, and it still feels like a new romance. Jittery and tingly every day.

Travel, trend research, innovation, lectures and a great number of strategy assignments of course. Not any assignment and definitely not with anyone. In 2018 we have, apart from our heavy blanket agreements with Stockholm County Council, had the privilege of working with a number of big and successful real estate companies, such as MKB who are currently developing an industrial site in Malmö, turning it into an attractive and safe residential neighbourhood. ICA Fastigheter now know how the vivacious place of the future looks and Klövern knows how to successfully develop a major area of commercial properties.

Of course we have not been content to work with big players in real estate, we have also had the privilege of giving Nordea a few pointers on what the bank customer of the future wants. Migrationsverket needed support with their progressive digital strategy and last but not least BillerudKorsnäs Venture who work with ventures in innovation.

Sitting in two jury groups, Boinsititutets Bopris and Exportpriset för de Kulturella och Kreativa Näringarna, have been two very stimulating, honourable and creative tasks. One could actually view it as proof of the high quality of our organisation.

Peters wide knowledge and his urge to give lectures, has seen him travel all over the country speaking on our digital future, design, real estate, housing and the elderly among other things. From Kalix in the north, to Oslo in the west and Malmö in the south. The most enjoyable was probably the trend lecture held at one of the worlds leading art and design museums Victoria&Albert Museum in London this summer.

Besides our annual trend and research trips to Milan and Venice we have visited SXSW, a new annual must-see event in Austin, New York, London, Toronto and Abu Dhabi. Fantastic experiences each and every one. Educational, each in its own way and we happily draw strength form the fact that Google is not enough to glean genuine knowledge about the present or the future. And not only that, our giant server is bursting with our own images that we can share with you. Positive.

Naturally we have seen and experienced some trends, or rather relived, as we knew they were coming. Not just because of our travels but because of our future search engine Q-Ball that provides us with quite a few, not always savoury, insights. The Feminine Revolution is in full swing, a movement that we have talked about for a long time but that caught some off guard. The increasing impact of religious values on our society is unlikely to have gone unnoticed by anyone. To name a couple.

OK, so what does the crystal ball reveal about next year? Well, maybe we should refrain from spreading rumours and business secrets, bad business model, but we could at least hope that #metoo becomes more inclusive, that we get a new government and that the Swedish Academy gets a restart. What do you think about that?

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Quattroporte Konsult AB

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