Almedalen den 3 juli 1985

Palmes last speech

Pernilla Wahlgren runs out on stage in a track suit sporting a fluffy eighties hairdo. Two strutting dancers are working hard on raising the mood. The bands guitarist is quite good and I’m impressed by how he plays semiquaver funk comp on his D- and G-strings. Alternately damping and ringing. He seems to be able to mark any syncopation. Somehow he is the high point of the evening. After Piccadilly Cirkus and some un-definable flute tunes by Pernilla Olof takes the stage. Olof Palme is wearing a pale summer jacket and comes across as sporty and tired at the same time. His character one of resignation.

I liked Palme – but I can’t remember a single word of his speech. It was his last Almedalen. But no one could know that at the time? However I will never forget the guitarist’s semiquaver.

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