Under de närmaste åren är det stor sannolikhet att muren mot Mexico verkligen byggs. Men också sannolikheten för ökad protektionism med slopade/omförhandlade frihandelsavtal kommer att bli verklighet. Även en klimatskeptisk politik där klimatavtalet i Paris knappast kommer att bli verklighet i USA – är också en tydlig konsekvens. Slutsatsen är att mycket av Trumps retorik kommer att bli politik. 

Trump won. Quattroporte was right and others were very wrong. Are we smarter?

A year ago we could clearly see that Trump would become the republican candidate. Six months ago we could see that he was also going to become president. What is it that we are doing right and everybody else is doing wrong? Or is it just that we are smarter than everybody else?

We saw the undercurrents of nationalism and populism long before anyone else. Through our systems we could also reveal the likely consequences of this development. Regardless of whether these consequences are connected to popular referendums, presidential elections or the economic sector. Quattroporte also has the ability to experiment with what could halt/drive such a development. Simply put, we can what strategies and measures will yield the best results.

Our methods seem to be smarter. That is what gives us the correct analysis to base our strategies and measures on.

Before the First World War the British Ministry of War asked their generals: What do you need the most? The answer from the generals was unanimous. We need bigger horses. They could not see the technical development that had completely changed the conditions of warfare.

The same is true of analysis and strategies today. New, efficient, data driven methods like Quattroporte’s can help everyone to make better decisions, based on analysis that reveals the true nature of things. No one should have to settle for bigger horses in 2016.