Lisa Csatho

Research assistant

Born: Stockholm
Astrological sign: Libra
Chinese astrological sign: Dog

Lisa is from Stockholm but feels as if though she’s from Gothenburg after spending her summers in the west-coast town since she was a child. People from Gothenburg are considered laid-back, happy-go-lucky types, and who wouldn’t want to be associated with those words? Lisa is 18 years old and has despite her young age been working since she was 13. She has always been driven and has enjoyed working, and she loves a challenge. She is sociable as few, and isn’t scared of taking place and speaking out. Lisa loves working on different projects as she loves to learn, and wants to get and idea about what she’s going to study later on. Lisa graduated from high school in 2013. Lisa has travelled a lot, on her own and with her family. She loves seeing new places and learning from other cultures. Her dream destination is Australia, as this is the one continent she has not yet visited. She loves warm climates, and despite strongly disliking cold weather and snow she does enjoy a ski holiday. She loves having something on the go, otherwise she gets restless and bored. And she always has tonnes of contagious energy and she rarely sits down. Lisa loves psychology and philosophy, and she loves seeing things from new angles.

Specialist competences:
– ”Doer”
– Recruitment to focus groups
– Research

Unexpected talents:
– Has played football for a long time whilst growing up
– Has been doing gymnastics for 10 years
– Cooking – good at making dishes stand out.
– Good sense of taste and scents.

Fashion, music, cooking and eating food. Also likes traveling, exercising and spending time with friends and family.


Important events?

Events that have hit me hard –  and that have made me get back on my feet, do it again and get it right. Accepting challenges in life that I didn’t think I was up to.

What do you believe in?
I believe that everything is possible if you want it, and that challenges make you stronger as a person. I believe that attitude is the only thing that can stop me. Positive thinking is what move people forward in life.

Who should work with Lisa?
People who need a boost of ideas and seeing things from a new angle. Prestigeless and openminded people.

Lisa Csatho
Mobile: +46 738-201 001