Feminine Revolution

A recent big-data study of mega trends shows that Feminine Revolution will be one of the most important trends over the coming 5-10 years.

Banana republic Sweden

The image of Sweden has deteriorated dramatically during the past months.

H&M the new Ericsson?

Next year might be the big company’s last chance to reverse the negative trend. If not, H&M may become a new Ericsson.

The future according to 00

They’re aged 6-12, they’re super spoilt inhabitants of the internet, and they’re our future – or are they?

Divisive religious values

Do you believe in God? Regardless of whether you do or not, your values are influenced by religious values whether you like it or not.

Welcome Ron!

American multi artist and critic, Professor Ronald Jones, joins our team.

En förtrollande vacker spaning, vi bara njuter av detta magnifika hantverk!

Dagens spaning innehåller både Star Wars och insekter. Vem vill missa? Inte ni, lovar!

QP-kollen bjuder på lite trevlig konst så här på förmiddagen, nice va?

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