The future according to 00


There is over one million children of the 00s in Sweden. They make up our future, but what do we really know about them as people, citizens and consumers? The general view is that they are overly spoilt inhabitants of the internet. But are they really? Or do they dream of something else?

At Quattroporte, we're extremely interested in new perspectives on the future and so last winter we decided to find out more about these little people between the ages of 6 and 12 who were born into the new millenium. We wanted to know about their inner thoughts, and we weren’t disappointed. Just surprised, and head over heels in love with the vision of the future these children painted to us – they, who will be the next generation of adults.

What do they dream of? What to they want to do? What matters to them? Would you like to know what’s demanded of society ahead for our young ones to want to grow up and live in Sweden? We have the answers in a solid report which we shared in a seminar at Quattroporte headquarters on May 2nd.

A summary of the report is available in Swedish here. You can also order an English version by contacting

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