Trend travels

Since a few years back, Quattroporte travels. On a yearly and recurring basis, with or without clients, to many places around the world where we see the future represented. We have throughout the years traveled, worked and educated around the world to the extent that we can now offer our clients tailor-made trend travels to places and events relevant to their business.

As we regard contemporary art and design as important indicators of the future, each year we visit art and design fairs, mainly in Europe, to spot trends and impulses we believe will affect society, consumption and behavior. On-site we make contacts, photograph and analyze. Each year in April we go to Milan the vast design fair Il Salone. Once there, we naturally visit other well-known trendsetting hot spots such as Spacio Rossana Orlandi and the design quarters. Come fall we return to Italy to go to the Venice Biennale where art and architecture take center stage. In September we also try to catch a glimpse of the exciting and relatively new London Design Festival.

Each year Quattroporte also visits a number of other cities known to be trendsetting within for example retail and shopping, city planning, art, architecture and fashion, such as London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Mumbai and Shanghai. We stay abreast by observing trends, taking photographs and interviewing interesting players.

Please contact Peter Majanen or Victoria Sandell for further information.


Milan is not only Italy’s second largest city and hub to the country’s industry, trade and finances. It is also one of the world’s foremost design and fashion cities in which every respectable designer gathers inspiration at least once a year.


Bonjour Tristesse? Not quite. We spend much time longing to go back to this sophisticated city that is the symbol of the perfect combination of tradition, history and exquisite super-avantgarde.

New York

Magnetism, joie-de-vivre and happy unrequited love. We have worn down and left a piece of our beating trend hearts here, and we return several times a year.


God save the… sparkling, contradictive and multi-faceted array in playful London, which gets to act as the mischievous little brother in our collection of cities.