Richard Sjöberg teaches at a couple of programmes at Berghs School of Communication, holds seminars at the Diploma course Strategic communication and PR and at the night course Communication and PR.

Richard also supervises one of the annual degree projects in strategic communication and marketing. Students from different communications and marketing programmes cooperate to solve a communication problem for a paying customer.

Berghs degree projects 2011 
At Berghs the next generation of communicators are trained. This spring they carried out their degree project on the theme “courage”. Behind every successful campaign is a courageous, flesh and blood commissioner – at a company or organization that values and defends communication as a competitive tool. They have the hottest supervisor in the business. For the commissioner Solifer Polar.

Berghs examensprojekt 2011

In 2008 Richards group were awarded top honors for Berghs best degree project for the commissioner SmartTrust.

In 2009 Richards group placed second with the project Hell Hour for the commissioner McDonald’s.


Future of Talent
What will trends mean in the future? How will trends drive talents in the future? This week long course is comprised of students from KTH, Stockholm University, Konstfack and NID and held at NID, (National Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad, India). Peter Majanen, Professor Ronald Jones (Konstfack) and Ph.D Emma Stenström (Handelshögskolan) are responsible for the course.

Future Thinking and Trendspotting (course held during fall and spring semesters).
Quattroporte (Peter Majanen) holds a seven week Masters course for students from KTH, Stockholm University, KI and Handelshögskolan.

Future of Urban Living
A one week course about the trends that will dominate urban development during the next 10, 20 and 50 years. The course is comprised of students from KTH, Stockholm University, Konstfack and NID and held at NID, (National Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad, India). Peter Majanen, Professor Ronald Jones (Konstfack) och Ph.D Emma Stenström (Handelshögskolan) are responsible for the course.

Trend spotter and future researcher
We believe that anyone can learn to become a trend spotter and future researcher. Quattroporte gives courses in Trend spotting and future science together with SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship). We train students both within the realm of university courses at Masters level and within shorter courses for businesses.

SSES – Internationell trendspotting i Indien:

Authenticity of the future 2012
For the fifth year running we will send number of entrepreneurially minded students to our international trend spotting workshop in Ahmedabad, India.

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Death of the future 2011
Death is the inevitable end for us all. Or is it? How do we want to be remembered and can we design our own death? These were some of the questions studied in 2011. According to the students death in the future was something completely different from death today. We could imagine a number of new trades that will evolve during the coming years.

Talent of the future 2010
According to students and researchers talent is becoming more and more important while general knowledge decreases in value. We identified trends that will be important in the talent based economy of the future. What talent will be crucial to succeeding in the workplace and how will this society be organized? Will we need more mathematicians or will the future require something different? Opinions varied between young people in Sweden and India but there were interesting conclusions that could be drawn from the study, one of which was the concept of “soft talent”.

City of the future 2009
95% of the world’s population growth will take place in cities in rapidly developing countries outside of the western world. Ahmedabad has been identified by the UN as such a city. What will the rapidly growing cities of the future look like? What functions will it contain? How can it become attractive? Under the supervision of Quattroporte and prof. Ronald Jones the students developed models of Ahmedabad of the year 2020, 2030 and 2050. Designer slums was one of the interesting scenarios.

For further information on our courses at SSES contact  Peter Majanen, mobile phone: +46 735-460 465