Ulf Holmström

Place of birth: Småland, Jönköping
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Chinese astrological sign: Horse

Ulf is an experienced analyst and programmer with an educational background in economics and statistics. As a consultant and an employee he has worked with some of the largest banks and insurance companies, always in the interface between IT and operation. He has also worked with one of Sweden’s biggest research companies and as an economist at the Swedish ministry of finance.

Ulf is driven by the interaction with the operational side of the business. It is in this meeting – in this face to face interaction – that the conditions for the best analyses are created. Replacing this invaluable meeting with programming and statistical methods alone is ending the process half way through. The results will be influenced accordingly and you risk ending up with mediocre analyses.

In a society where the amount of data is constantly increasing, the possibilities to make data based decisions should also increase. Paradoxically, the current escalating faith in the digital sphere often leads to the opposite. What data is important and what should be discarded? A good analyst can assist in this process of selection.

Areas of expertise:
– SAS programming
– Effect analysis
– Statistical analysis
– Information-  Process- and Response modeling

Unexpected talent:

Any sport that involves holding a racket and ”What if” literature purchased from Amazon.com. Favorite author is Harry Turtledove.


Important events? 

1994 when I first used the SAS programming. After just one line of programming I knew that this was the world’s best tool for analysis and reports!

What do you believe in?

The importance of thinking things through! This applies to ALL kinds of programming and analysis. Also known as pilot study and design.

Who should work with Ulf? 
Clients who appreciate the value of long term solutions.

Ulf Holmström

Mobile: +46 721-734 024