Trend panel

To stay up to date with current and upcoming trends Quattroporte has created its own web panel. This “trend panel” as we like to call it consists of almost five thousand individuals, the majority of which are between the ages of 15 and 50.

Half of the participants reside in one of the three major cities of Sweden and comprise our ”Big city panel”. The other half live throughout the rest of the country and are thus our “Sweden panel”.

Aided by the trend panel we are constantly in touch and with the help of a large database of answers that is continually being expanded we can provide up to date and relevant analysis of the future in fields like city planning, business, culture, politics, communication and societal issues.

On occasion parts of analyses or reports are presented here on our webpage to allow as many as possible to take a look at the work we do here at Quattroporte.

Interested in becoming a part of our trend panel and helping us keep an eye on the future? Please e-mail us at