“There is strong belief that ROI on communication can be measured, and there is universal interest in the Holy Grail – a workable ROI measuring tool” (Dr. Donald K. Wright 2009)

Media monitoring

Qualified analysis of everything that is written in the media about your organization or area of interest. A team of competent analysts evaluate editorial media and provide information on changing trends over time.

Brand evaluation

Analysis of the value of your brand at any given time. How do campaigns, crises and business change the value of your organisation?


What amount of behavioural change can be expected from your communication and how effective has it been? We can estimate the effects during your campaign and change the direction and efficiency if needed.


INKA is an environmental scanning service that captures everything that is written about a certain trend or player on the internet and transforms the information into an index. Inka can be set to target the entire internet, social media or specific domains. The method is an automated system for data retrieval, analysis and reporting.

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