Sakari Pitkänen

Senior rådgivare

Born: Stockholm
Zodiac sign:  Sagittarius
Chinese sign: 斯凯特

Autumn 1984 Sakari Pitkänen wrote the article that led to the Expressen Headline: ”The King’s tax planning – giving millions to his children”. It sold more than 700 000 copies, almost one in ten Swedes bought Expressen that day.
Today, 35 years later, almost one in ten Swedes (904 000) subscribe to Jocke & Jonna on Youtube.

The development in the media during the time that Sakari Pitkänen has been a journalist and media consultant has been without equal. From the first half of the nineties and fourteen years onward he was the driving force behind that era’s second largest global media phenomenon, the freesheet Metro.

During his tenure Metro first became Sweden’s most read daily newspaper and in 2006 the world’s biggest, according to Guinness World Records.

This adventure is detailed in Pitkänens book  Metro – konsten skaffa sig fiender över hela världen.

Specialist skills:

  • Writes intelligibly.
  • Understands quickly.
  • Works hard

Unexpected talent:

Owns far too many domain names. Of which only three are currently online (, and Has also played a small part in the development of software for local news distribution.


Football and floorball all year round. Alpine skiing when it snows and kite when the sun is shining

Personally significant events?


  • 1986 The murder of Olof Palme 1986. I was a crime reporter at Aftonbladet and worked full time covering the murder for over a year.
  • 1993 Clicked a hyperlink for the first time at
  • 1995 The launch of Metro in February
  • 2012 Started my own company Olada

What do you believe in?

Hard work and loyalty trumps class.
All other things equal the happiest person will win.

Who should work with Sakari?

Happy people looking for solutions to real problems.