Lars Harefjord

Consultant & Media Analyst

Place of birth: Nacka maternity ward
Astrological sign: Aries
Chinese astrological sign: Ox

Raised mainly in the not so well known mecka of heavy metal Forshaga (perhaps better known as the home town of hockey legend Nisse Nilsson). Moved back to the place where it all began, and indeed where his parents first met, in 2006 to work as a surveyor but soon felt the urge to study. Snuck his way into Quattroporte by, in near anonymity, playing records in the background at their anniversary parties.

Very loyal and responsible Something of an opinionist. An avid supporter of the group discussion as a means of solving problems. Has a tendency to take jokes to the point of embarrassing silences.

Area of expertise:
Humanities (literature, art)
Information structuring

Unexpected talent:
Used to be able to play the saxophone.

Stories in the widest sense of the word, creating, cyklism.


Important events:
1999 Swedish and nordic youth champion in water skiing
2004 Rock blasters apprentice in Töcksfors.
2005 Slightly religious experience to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street bands concert video Hammersmith Odeon London ’75 while hospitalized.
2006 Travels briefly in California, plays guitar with bums, gets attacked by a S:t Bernhard, skateboards over the Golden gate bridge and runs into Al the information man.
2007 Qualifies as Rock blaster
2007 Blasts a 35 meter chimney together with his father in Stockamöllan, Skåne.                                                                                        2011 Degree in literature                                                                                                                                                                                  2017 University course in Media and Politics in a Globalizing World                                                                                                              2018 Tours Europe with a punk band                                                                                                                                                              2020 Starts carving wood and teaches himself how to play the mandolin during (relative) lockdown

What do you believe in:
Love, equality, siblinghood.

Who should work with Lars?
Someone who is a badass but doesn’t know it.

Lars Harefjord
Mobile: +46 736-550 187