Carl Elfgren

Senior Advisor

Born and raised:I In Kallinge in Blekinge
Stjärntecken: Libra
Kinesiskt tecken: Snake

Carl has spent his working life in politics and as a consultant and has, accordingly, never had an honest job.

Has spent many years working in the borderlands between business development, strategy and communication and usually has to help his clients to realise that what appears to be communication issues really stems from ambiguities in business and organisation. Loves to work with companies and trades that are not beloved by all but are strongly dependant on a broad legitimacy in order to do business.

Specialist skills:

Combining strategic analysis and structural thinking with creativity and the ability to persuade other people. For example in helping a boardroom or management group understand challenges, find solutions and create results.

Unexpected talent:

Reads a lot in German, anything from car tests and FAZ to novels by Nobel laureates.


Road cycling. Classical music. Unnecessarily fast cars, preferably German

Three personally significant events:

  • 1989 – I got my first job after university, as a speechwriter and advisor to Anders Björck who was then the president of the European council. The iron curtain fell, Eastern Europe was liberated and the new governments were waiting in line to get into the European council. It was a fantastic time
  • 2004 – started my first company
  • 2010 – Wrote the book ”Från vårdsystem till hälsobransch” at Timbro, partly based on my own experiences as a chronic kidney patient. It became the gateway to a strong interest in healthcare and its’ development

What do you believe in?

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

Who should work with Carl?

Anyone who wants genuine change and isn’t afraid to be challenged