Media monitoring

Quattroporte offers a high quality media monitoring service that delivers an extensive service and good strategic insight. The reports provide customers with a quick and relevant overview of the news coverage of any given area.

The monitoring will provide the customer basis for reviewing media strategies as well as alerting to changes in real time as relevant stories break.

We have a stable organization comprising of 4 monitors, a project leader and a programmer/analyst. Quattroporte monitors press, ether- and digital media.

We supply a computer system that aggregates collected data and performs analyses tailored to the needs of our clients in order to minimize the risk of misinterpretations.

Several people within our organization have long experience with interpreting news and political communication should the need for further guidance arise.

Our media monitors are Lars Harefjord och Rickard Sahlin.

For further information and quotations contact,  Victoria Sandell, e-mail: mobile phone: +46 735-430 030