Concept development

“To succeed, companies need to see innovation not as something special that only special people can do, but as something that can become routine and methodical, taking advantage of the capabilities of ordinary people” (A.G. Lafley and Ram Charan)

Creating something that really works in the marketplace is often an expensive and complicated process. A lot of development efforts are made without thought to what will actually work in the marketplace of the future. We have developed a process to safeguard your innovations, to ”future proof” them. Quattroporte develops the concepts of the future in cooperation with the consumers of the future.

Future studio

Developing future concepts with leading designers, design students and businesses. We do this in cooperation with leading design schools both in Sweden and abroad.

Quattroporte has an internet panel (Trendpanelen 2022) comprised of approximately 5000 individuals from all across Sweden that can be used for all kinds of quantitative surveys. Quattroporte has developed interview techniques that make it simpler to confirm and judge the strength of trends. 
In the Stockholms area we have over 1000 respondents and that number can easily be increased.

 Types of questions that can be answered using Trendpanelen 2022: Are Avantgardists interested in the Interactive Opera trend? What kind of accommodations do you prefer?

Concept development

Dialogues that lead to the development of new concepts and ideas. We have developed a method based on the latest developments in the fields of design research and design thinking.

For further information on Concept development/Innovation contact  Victoria Sandell, mobile phone: +46 735-430 030