Peter Majanen


Place of birth: Kalix
Astrological sign: Virgo
Chinese astrological sign: Snake

In 2005, after an extraordinarily boring decade as Director at Kreab and Head of Research at Demoskop, Peter Majanen decided to only do meaningful things. So he started Quattroporte together with his colleague Richard Sjöberg.

In his youth Peter was accomplished athlete, ranked as one of Sweden’s best young shot-putters and winning the gold medal in the Swedish junior championship in 1983.

During the Eighties and Nineties Peter trained as a singer at the Music academy in Malmö and worked as a professional musician. He became one of the leading singers in his generation. Parallel with his music career in the Nineties Peter did research into values at the university of Lund under the tutelage of world renowned professor Karl-Erik Rosengrens. Today Peter Majanen is one of the world’s leading values researchers.

From the mid nineties Peter has specialized in complex analysis of values and trends. He has worked in many of the biggest development projects, both in Sweden and abroad, to identify trends and target groups of the future

Today Peter’s main interest is using his insight to develop the best innovations and the most effective means of communication.

Areas of expertise:                                                                                                                                                   

Big data and AI: Using external data to identify weak signals and values                                                                                                     Values: The evolution of values in Sweden and the rest of the world.
Future research: Identifying trends and trend modeling. The nineties- and 00- generations.
Design processes: Development of ideas through design methodology
Consumption: Trends in art/design and communication
Insightful communication: How information about people can be transformed into efficient communication.
Property market, financial market, security and retail

Unexpected talent:
Can hit a high D sharp note

Singing, design, contemporary art and weight training (personal bests, 180 kg bench press and 270 kg squat).

Important events:
1983 winner of the shot-put event at Ungdomsfinnkampen
1987 Soloist studies, singing, Malmö Academy of Music
1990 Heart ‘n’ Soul. LP with Christian Svensson and Anders Bagge
1990 Son William is born
1992 Eurovision Song Contest
1994-1995 Played the part of Joseph in the Lloyd Webber musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1995 Doctoral studies at Lund University
1996 Head of analysis Gallup. Developed the” VISION” model of values.
1998 Head of research and consultant, Rikta kommunikation
2000 Head of research and senior consultant Demoskop. Responsible for over 50% of the revenue at the company 2002.
2002 Director, Kreab
2002 and 2003 Design and architectural studies, Domus Academy, Milano
2002 Developer and host of the election program, Valpassagen in TV4 with Tilde de Paula
2005 Founded Quattroporte
2006 The elderly life business, a book authored with the KK-foundation
2007- Guest professor at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Indien
2010 Future of Design, project with Stanford University et al.                                                                                                                         2012 –about healthcare of the future with professor emeritus Håkan Eriksson                                                                           

2013 Developed a model for Hunches and Innovation with designer Reed Kram and Professor Ronald Jones. The model was then digitized.  

2015 Recorded the album Songs n ‘Secret Places, produced by Gino Vannelli                                                                                               

2016 Designed the foundation for the idea of Meaningful Economy                                                                                                                     

2017-2021 Jury member in Bopriset a prize that elects most important new city developments in Sweden                                               

2018-2022. Member in the jury of The Government’s Export Prize for the Cultural and Creative Industry                                                 

2020- Social media influencer with more than 100.000 readers and listeners                                                                                               

2021-Member of board in International Scene of Contemporary Dance – Dansens hus


Can you describe some important experiences that you have had?

Mike Stern and Michael Brecker in concert 1987 at Montmartre in Copenhagen – UpsideDownside.

Visiting the Tom Sachs exhibit at Fondazione Prada in Milano 2007. The exhibit displayed Sachs versions of weapon systems like anti-aircraft cannons and machine guns.

Bill Viola’s exhibit Oceans Without a Shore at the Venice biennal 2007.

Concert with Heaven and Hell and Ronnie James Dio 2008 at Sweden Rock.

Venice Biennale 2012 in the German Pavillion when Christoph Schlingensief’s death struggle and subsequent death was mercilessly portrayed in the artists installation in a church, depicting his own death struggle in We are all autonomous.

What do you believe in?
Talent, hard free work, creativity and deep thoughts.

Who should work with an ageing hard rock singer, shot-putter, values researcher and future nerd?

Probably other nerds who want to achieve something of lasting value!


Peter Majanen
Mobile: +46 735-460 465