The tale of a strategy agency:

“It is a pity she won’t live. But in the end; who does?”

The quote is taken from one of the most emotionally charged scenes of Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner from 1982.

Blade Runner depicts a dystopian future filled with technological dependency, environmental problems and betrayal. In Los Angeles of 2019 there is not much hope.

Now, closer to 2019 than 1982, we know that things did not turn out quite that bad. Today the world is in constant motion and unexpected events follow one another like an endless string of pearls. Our expectations for the future are greater than ever before. At the same time it feels more uncertain and more inscrutable.

Future research and trend spotting yield speculation about the future, whether it’s about the future of design, mobile phones or old age.

Quattroporte is a strategy agency that unites sociology, strategic communication and design to create clear, multi faceted and valuable images of the marketplace and concepts of the future. We create the innovations of tomorrow today.

VISION: Quattroporte will be the most valuable meeting place
for the cultural, business and scientific life of the future.

MISSION: Quattroporte will make the future an asset.

VALUES: Quattroporte works and lives by the values: curiosity, lust,
artscience and supermindedness.