The Avantgardists is a demographic group that are 6-10 years ahead of the masses. Avantgardists are the first to adopt new trends concerning tastes, attitudes and behaviours, regardless of the field be it housing, experiences or consumption. Sometimes they move against the currents, are politically incorrect and may even be considered slightly repulsive by the majority, with their occasionally provocative stances and behaviours.

Quattroporte has identified the Avantgardists through the study of changing values. Trends move in a certain direction and the Avantgardists are on the leading edge. We have studied avantgardists in over 30 countries over a long period of time and possess great insight regarding where to find Avantgardists in Sweden. We invite them to help us develop concepts, evaluating ideas and identifying new trends. We can also reach them through our trend panel.

With the aid of the Avantgardists we were able to identify trends such as the return of spirituality, the Neo-romantic and the Luxury trend far in advance of their becoming mainstream. This has given our clients the opportunity to develop appropriate products and services ahead of their competitors.

VisitSweden has chosen to use the Avantgardists as a primary target demographic for their marketing of the image of Sweden toward the rest of the world. Based on an international study conducted using Avantgardists a strategy was developed to reach this reticent but influential group. Nämnden för Sverigefrämjande i Utlandet (consisting of Svenska institutet (The Swedish Institute), UD (The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Exportrådet (The Swedish Export Council), Invest Sweden och Näringsdepartementet (The Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications)) have chosen to focus on this target demographic in their strategy for digital communication.

What characterises the Avantgardists?

1. They are very prone to changes in values, have an experimental way of life and are interested in cultural experiences i gränslandet.
2. They are very adept at networking and want to develop other peoples talents as well as their own strengths.
3. They regard accepted truths with scepticism and are often politically incorrect. For example they are sceptical of Global warming, do not perceive equality as a problem, are in favour of enhancing their appearance and abilities through aesthetic surgery or chemical doping.

Demographic variables such as age, sex and education do not influence the Avantgardists They range from 15 to 75 years of age, with an average age of 38.